onMouseDoubleClick property Null safety

EventStream<MouseEvent> onMouseDoubleClick

Dispatched when a user presses and releases the main button of a pointing device twice in rapid succession over the same InteractiveObject when that object's doubleClickEnabled flag is set to true.

For a doubleClick event to occur, it must immediately follow the following series of events: mouseDown, mouseUp, click, mouseDown, mouseUp. All of these events must share the same target as the doubleClick event. The second click, represented by the second mouseDown and mouseUp events, must occur within a specific period of time after the click event. The allowable length of this period varies by operating system and can often be configured by the user. If the target is a selectable text field, the word under the pointer is selected as the default behavior. If the target InteractiveObject does not have its doubleClickEnabled flag set to true it receives two click events.


EventStream<MouseEvent> get onMouseDoubleClick =>