A widget for creating a vertical carousel with stacked cards.

cardsStack fadeOutStack

📱 Usage

  1. Import package in your file
  import 'package:stacked_card_carousel/stacked_card_carousel.dart';
  1. Use StackedCardCarousel widget
        items: cards,

🎛 Attributes

AttributeData typeDescriptionDefault
itemsListList of card widgets.-
typeStackedCardCarouselTypeA type of cards stack carousel.cardsStack
initialOffsetdoubleInitial vertical top offset for cards.40.0
spaceBetweenItemsdoubleVertical space between items. Value start from top of a first item.400.0
applyTextScaleFactorboolIf set to true scales up space and position linearly according to text scale factor. Scaling down is not included.true
pageControllerPageControllerUse it for your custom page controller.PageController()
onPageChangedvoid Function(int pageIndex)Listen to page index changes.null

💻 Author

Grigori Hlopkov - GitHub