SSH and SFTP client for Flutter. Wraps iOS library NMSSH and Android library JSch. This is a fork of flutter_ssh:

Wraps iOS library NMSSH and Android library JSch.


Add ssh2 as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

Known issue

  • Older Gradle versions are not supported due to incompatibilities with the newer JSch dependency. This release was tested with Gradle version 7.0.2.


Create a client using password authentication

import 'package:ssh2/ssh2.dart';

var client = new SSHClient(
  host: "my.sshtest",
  port: 22,
  username: "sha",
  passwordOrKey: "Password01.",

Create a client using public key authentication

import 'package:ssh2/ssh2.dart';

var client = new SSHClient(
  host: "my.sshtest",
  port: 22,
  username: "sha",
  passwordOrKey: {
    "privateKey": """-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----
-----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----""",
    "passphrase": "passphrase-for-key",

OpenSSH keys

Recent versions of OpenSSH introduce a proprietary key format that is not supported by most other software, including this one, you must convert it to a PEM-format RSA key using the puttygen tool. On Windows this is a graphical tool. On the Mac, install it per these instructions. On Linux install your distribution's putty or puttygen packages.

  • Temporarily remove the passphrase from the original key (enter blank password as the new password)
    ssh-keygen -p -f id_rsa
  • convert to RSA PEM format
    puttygen id_rsa -O private-openssh -o id_rsa_unencrypted
  • re-apply the passphrase to the original key
    ssh-keygen -p -f id_rsa
  • apply a passphrase to the converted key:
    puttygen id_rsa_unencrypted -P -O private-openssh -o id_rsa_flutter
  • remove the unencrypted version:
    rm id_rsa_unencrypted

Connect client

await client.connect();

Close client

await client.disconnect();

Execute SSH command

var result = await client.execute("ps");

Get the fingerprint of the remote host

var result = await client.getHostFingerprint();

Get the banner of the remote host

var result = await client.getBanner();


Start shell:

  • Supported ptyType: vanilla, vt100, vt102, vt220, ansi, xterm
var result = await client.startShell(
  ptyType: "xterm", // defaults to vanilla
  callback: (dynamic res) {
    print(res);     // read from shell

Write to shell:

await client.writeToShell("ls\n");

Close shell:

await client.closeShell();


Connect SFTP:

await client.connectSFTP();

List directory:

var array = await client.sftpLs("/home"); // defaults to .

Create directory:

await client.sftpMkdir("testdir");

Rename file or directory:

await client.sftpRename(
  oldPath: "testfile",
  newPath: "newtestfile",

Remove directory:

await client.sftpRmdir("testdir");

Remove file:

await client.sftpRm("testfile");

Download file:

var filePath = await client.sftpDownload(
  path: "testfile",
  toPath: tempPath,
  callback: (progress) {
    print(progress); // read download progress

// Cancel download:
await client.sftpCancelDownload();

Upload file:

await client.sftpUpload(
  path: filePath,
  toPath: ".",
  callback: (progress) {
    print(progress); // read upload progress

// Cancel upload:
await client.sftpCancelUpload();

Close SFTP:

await client.disconnectSFTP();


Refer to the example.