High-performance asynchronous interface for SQLite on Dart & Flutter.

SQLite is small, fast, has a lot of built-in functionality, and works great as an in-app database. However, SQLite is designed for many different use cases, and requires some configuration for optimal performance as an in-app database.

The sqlite3 Dart bindings are great for direct synchronous access to a SQLite database, but leaves the configuration up to the developer.

This library wraps the bindings and configures the database with a good set of defaults, with all database calls being asynchronous to avoid blocking the UI, while still providing direct SQL query access.


  • All operations are asynchronous by default - does not block the main isolate.
  • Watch a query to automatically re-run on changes to the underlying data.
  • Concurrent transactions supported by default - one write transaction and many multiple read transactions.
  • Uses WAL mode for fast writes and running read transactions concurrently with a write transaction.
  • Direct synchronous access in an isolate is supported for performance-sensitive use cases.
  • Automatically convert query args to JSON where applicable, making JSON1 operations simple.
  • Direct SQL queries - no wrapper classes or code generation required.

See this blog post, explaining why these features are important for using SQLite.


dart pub add sqlite_async

For flutter applications, additionally add sqlite3_flutter_libs to include the native SQLite library.

For other platforms, see the sqlite3 package docs.

Web is currently not supported.

Getting Started

import 'package:sqlite_async/sqlite_async.dart';

final migrations = SqliteMigrations()
  ..add(SqliteMigration(1, (tx) async {
    await tx.execute(

void main() async {
  final db = SqliteDatabase(path: 'test.db');
  await migrations.migrate(db);

  // Use execute() or executeBatch() for INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE statements
  await db.executeBatch('INSERT INTO test_data(data) values(?)', [

  // Use getAll(), get() or getOptional() for SELECT statements
  var results = await db.getAll('SELECT * FROM test_data');
  print('Results: $results');

  // Combine multiple statements into a single write transaction for:
  // 1. Atomic persistence (all updates are either applied or rolled back).
  // 2. Improved throughput.
  await db.writeTransaction((tx) async {
    await tx.execute('INSERT INTO test_data(data) values(?)', ['Test3']);
    await tx.execute('INSERT INTO test_data(data) values(?)', ['Test4']);

  await db.close();


Mutex for locks in a single Isolate, or across isolates.
Re-exports sqlite3 to expose sqlite3 without adding it as a direct dependency.
High-performance asynchronous interface for SQLite on Dart & Flutter.