Flutter apps depending on this package will contain native SQLCipher libraries on Android, iOS and macOS.

As SQLCipher has an ABI compatible to the regular sqlite3 library, it can be used with an unmodified sqlite3 package.

Using this package

When using this package on Android, you need to tell the sqlite3 package how to open sqlcipher since it will attempt to open the regular sqlite3 binary by default:

import 'package:sqlite3/open.dart';

// Do this before using any sqlite3 api
    OperatingSystem.android, openCipherOnAndroid);

You will also need to do this when using a package wrapping the sqlite3 package like moor or sqflite_common_ffi!

No changes are necessary for iOS and MacOS

For more details on how to actually use this package in a Flutter app, see sqlite3.

Incompatibilities with sqlite3 on iOS and macOS

For iOS and macOS builds, depending on this package will install the SQLCipher pod. When depending on another package linking the regular sqlite3 pod or library, this can lead to undefined behavior which may mean that SQLCipher will not be available in your app. On such problematic package is google_mobile_ads.

To fix this problem, you can put -framework SQLCipher in "Other Linker Flags" in your project's settings on XCode. For more details on this, see

Problems on Android 6

There appears to be a problem when loading native libraries on Android 6 (see this issue). If you're seeing those crashes, you could try setting android.bundle.enableUncompressedNativeLibs=false in your gradle.properties file. Be aware that this increases the size of your application when installed.

Alternatively, you can use the applyWorkaroundToOpenSqlCipherOnOldAndroidVersions method from this library. It will try to open sqlcipher in Java, which seems to work more reliably. After the native library has been loaded from Java, we can open it in Dart too. The method should be called before using sqlite3 (either directly or indirectly through say a NativeDatabase from package:drift).

As applyWorkaroundToOpenSqlCipherOnOldAndroidVersions uses platform channels, there may be issues when using it on a background isolate. We recommend awaiting it in the main isolate, before spawning a background isolate that might use the database.


This library contains a workaround neccessary to open dynamic libraries on old Android versions (6.0.1).