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This is a fork from the plugin sqflite.

sqflite_common version 1.0.0

This fork makes use of the Dart package sqflite_common but with a native implementation which uses the SqlCipher library on both iOS and Android. The API is the same as the sqflite plugin, only that the openDatabase method includes an optional parameter password.

The SQLCipher version of the plugin is 4.x If you try to open a database encrypted with a lower version of SQLCipher, the plugin will try to migrate it to a new version using the operation PRAGMA cipher_migrate (This automatic migration to version 4 is only done in Android. PR welcome for this feature in iOS).

Install and use

To add it in your project include this in the pubspec.yml.

  sqflite_sqlcipher: {latest version}
import 'package:sqflite_sqlcipher/sqflite.dart';

Database db = await openDatabase(
  password: "my password",
  // onCreate, onUpgrade...


REQUIRED: Flutter now enables code shrinking by default when building an APK in release mode, so you need to add the following ProGuard rules to the file android/app/proguard-rules.pro. If it does not exist, create it:

-keep class net.sqlcipher.** { *; }

If using sqflite as direct or transitive dependency

If any of your project's dependencies uses sqflite (e.g: cached_network_image, flutter_cache_manager...), then for iOS to link correctly the SQLCipher libraries you need to override it in your pubspec.yaml file:

      url: https://www.github.com/davidmartos96/sqflite_sqlcipher.git
      path: sqflite
      ref: fmdb_override

The reason for this is that in iOS, the FMDB and FMDB/SQLCipher pods cannot be used at the same time. The override only changes that reference. The rest is the full sqflite package. If anyone knows about a better way to handle this, PRs are welcome :D

Sqflite documentation