update abstract method

Future<int> update(
  1. String table,
  2. Map<String, Object?> values,
  3. {String? where,
  4. List<Object?>? whereArgs,
  5. ConflictAlgorithm? conflictAlgorithm}

Convenience method for updating rows in the database. Returns the number of changes made

Update table with values, a map from column names to new column values. null is a valid value that will be translated to NULL.

where is the optional WHERE clause to apply when updating. Passing null will update all rows.

You may include ?s in the where clause, which will be replaced by the values from whereArgs

conflictAlgorithm (optional) specifies algorithm to use in case of a conflict. See ConflictAlgorithm docs for more details

int count = await db.update(tableTodo, todo.toMap(),
   where: '$columnId = ?', whereArgs: [todo.id]);


Future<int> update(String table, Map<String, Object?> values,
    {String? where,
    List<Object?>? whereArgs,
    ConflictAlgorithm? conflictAlgorithm});