commit abstract method

Future<List<Object?>> commit(
  1. {bool? exclusive,
  2. bool? noResult,
  3. bool? continueOnError}

Commits all of the operations in this batch as a single atomic unit The result is a list of the result of each operation in the same order if noResult is true, the result list is empty (i.e. the id inserted the count of item changed is not returned.

The batch is stopped if any operation failed If continueOnError is true, all the operations in the batch are executed and the failure are ignored (i.e. the result for the given operation will be a DatabaseException)

During Database.onCreate, Database.onUpgrade, Database.onDowngrade (we are already in a transaction) or if the batch was created in a transaction it will only be commited when the transaction is commited (exclusive is not used then).

Otherwise, sqflite will start a transaction to commit this batch. In rare cases where you don't need an atomic operation, or where you are manually managing the transaction without using sqflite APIs, you can also use apply to run statements in this batch without a transaction managed by sqflite.


Future<List<Object?>> commit({
  bool? exclusive,
  bool? noResult,
  bool? continueOnError,