The simplest way to print messages in your Dart project


If you like your code verbose, you may use long function names:

final log = Sprint('Sample', productionMode: false);

log.debug('Debug message');
log.success('Success message');'Info message');
log.warn('Warning message');
log.severe('Severe message');
log.fatal('Fatal message');

If you prefer to be brief in your writing, use short function names instead:

final log = Sprint('Sample', productionMode: false);

log.d('Debug message');
log.s('Success message');
log.i('Info message');
log.w('Warning message');'Severe message');
log.f('Fatal message');

Most of the time, however, you will simply need to use the Sprint instance name:

log('Info message');

The display of messages can be controlled using the quietMode field. If set to true, no messages will be printed.

log.quietMode = true;
log('This message will not be posted.');

log.quietMode = false;
log('However, this one *will* be.');


Printing library that allows for simple printing of messages using log levels and modes.