Provides a way to create a spreadsheet-like table that is scrollable in both axis and that has headers that are always visible, no matter the scroll offset. This is similar to the way a spreadsheet app can freeze the first row or column.
This package is simillar to table_sticky_headers but is better suited for longer lists in the X axis (tables with lots of rows) as the rows are generated dynamically.


See the example project for a demo app.

import 'package:spreadsheet_table/spreadsheet_table.dart';

  cellBuilder: (_, int row, int col) =>
      Center(child: Text('Cell $row/$col')),
  legendBuilder: (_) => Center(child: Text('Legend')),
  rowHeaderBuilder: (_, index) => Center(child: Text('Row $index')),
  colHeaderBuilder: (_, index) => Center(child: Text('Col $index')),
  rowHeaderWidth: 80, //optional
  colsHeaderHeight: 30, //optional
  cellHeight: 30, //optional
  cellWidth: 80, //optional
  rowsCount: 100,
  colCount: 15,



Flutter Web

When building for web prefer canvaskit as the performance of the table will be better.
Use flutter build web --web-renderer canvaskit --release when releasing to production