spotify-dart Pub Dart CI

A dart library for interfacing with the Spotify API.


Simple Example

final credentials = SpotifyApiCredentials(clientId, clientSecret);
final spotify = SpotifyApi(credentials);
final artist = await spotify.artists.get('0OdUWJ0sBjDrqHygGUXeCF');


For detailed information regarding authorization, client credentials flow and more, see the wiki.

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.


Generating JSON Serializers

Run dart run build_runner build to generate JSON serializers via json_serializable. Run dart run build_runner watch to continuously rebuild serializers in the background when files are updated.

Running tests

Run dart test to run all of the tests in test/spotify_test.dart.

Running example code

Run dart example/example to run the example code. You'll need to modify example/example.dart to use your Spotify client ID and secret.

If you would like to run the example that accesses your user data (such as currently playing song etc.), run pub run example/example_auth.dart. There, you are requested to enter your redirect url (see the comment above redirectUri). After that, you are requested to call a given url (or paste it into your browser). That url will do a redirect in your browser. You should copy and paste this redirected url into your console to see the currently playing song and your available devices.


A dart library for interfacing with the Spotify API.