Sporran - a PouchDB alike database client for Dart

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Sporran is a PouchDB alike implementation for Dart.

It uses Lawndart(browser local storage client) and Wilt(browser CouchDB client) to allow browser based CouchDB users to transition between online and offline modes and carry on working normally.

When the browser is online Sporran acts just like Wilt, i.e is a CouchDB client, but all database transactions are reflected into local storage. If the browser goes offline Sporran switches to using local storage only, when the browser comes back online the local database is synced up with CouchDB, all transparent to the user.

The CouchDB change notification interface is also used to keep Sporran in sync with any 3rd party changes to your CouchDB database.

Please read the documents under the doc folder for usage information.


Queries you can direct to me at steve.hamblett@linux.com or raise an issue.