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This package contains a few alternatives for InkSplash.splashFactory and InkRipple.splashFactory. In other words this are custom button pressed effects.

List of available alternatives

Wave SplashWaveSplash.splashFactory, WaveSplash.customSplashFactory(strokeWidth: 30, blurStrength: 5)
Path SplashPathSplash.splashFactory(path), PathSplash.splashFactory(path, paint: paint, clip: false)
Line SplashLineSplash.splashFactory, LineSplash.customSplashFactory(paint: paint)
No SplashNoSplash.splashFactory

You can find an extensive example here. It shows simple usages and some more advances examples.

How do I use them?

import 'package:splash/splash.dart';

final splashFactory = ...

  theme: Theme(
    splashFactory: splashFactory,
  home: Scaffold(), 

New features and ideas

I would really appreciate pull request with new splash factories or good looking examples in the example app. You can do it here.



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