Spell Out Numbers

License Dart


Writes put the name of a number given in different languages. Currently only English is supported, but in the future I will add more languages. If anyone is interested in helping me with that, feel free to contact me / open an issue.

Language Support

  • x English
  • German / Deutsch
  • Spanish / EspaƱol


There is one abstract class (LanguageNumberScheme) that all other classes inherit from. This class and all classes extending this one provide amongst others the following methods and getters:

  • toWord(num number): converts the number given into words
  • num get maxNumber;: the largest number supported by the scheme
  • int get maxDecimals;: the maximum number of decimal values


LanguageNumberScheme scheme = EnglishNumberScheme();

// ten
LanguageNumberScheme scheme = EnglishNumberScheme();

// minus one thousand three hundred ninety eight