✅ Spec

A streamlined testing framework for Dart & Flutter.

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Spec builds on-top of existing Dart & Flutter testing tools to provide a streamlined & elegant testing environment. Spec provides both a CLI tool and Dart package.


The Spec CLI allows you to run the spec command from your CLI environment and run your tests:

  • Intuitive testing output interface, inspired by Jest.
  • Interactive CLI; automatically re-run tests when source code changes & rerunning of only failed tests.
  • Run both Dart & Flutter tests in parallel with a single command.
  • Run tests from multiple packages at the same time using Melos.


The spec package provides a different take on how to write tests. Designed with type-safety and IDE autocompletion in mind, spec alters the way you write your tests to be more declarative, less error prone and force good habits.

test('dart test example', () async {
  int value = 42;

  // Without spec - not type safe
  expect(value, equals(42));
  await expectLater(Future.value(42), completion(equals(42)));

  // With spec - type safe
  await expect(Future.value(42)).completion.toEqual(42);


Built and maintained by Invertase.