Solid Lints

style: solid

Flutter/Dart lints configuration based on software engineering industry standards (ISO/IEC, NIST) and best practices.


Add dependency in your pubspec.yaml:

  solid_lints: <INSERT LATEST VERSION>

And then include solid_lints into your project top-level analysis_options.yaml:

include: package:solid_lints/analysis_options.yaml

Also you can use a specialized rule set designed for Dart tests. Add an analysis_options.yaml file under the test/ directory, and include the ruleset:

include: package:solid_lints/analysis_options_test.yaml

Then you can see suggestions in your IDE or you can run checks manually:

dart analyze;
dart run dart_code_metrics:metrics analyze lib test;
dart run dart_code_metrics:metrics check-unused-files lib test;
dart run dart_code_metrics:metrics check-unused-l10n lib test;

Beware that some of the dart_code_metrics checks are not displayed in IDE so running checks manually or in your actions (CI) is essential.

Learn more:


To indicate that your project is using Solid Lints, you can use the following badge:

[![style: solid](](