Sn Progress Dialog

Progress dialog package for flutter

Getting Started

You must add the library as a dependency to your project.

 sn_progress_dialog: ^1.0.8

You should then run flutter packages get

Now in your Dart code, you can use:

import 'package:sn_progress_dialog/sn_progress_dialog.dart';
Normal ProgressValuable Progress
Preparing ProgressCustom Progress

Usage Example

Create Progress Dialog

ProgressDialog pd = ProgressDialog(context: context);

Set options 100, msg: 'File Downloading...');

You don't need to update state, just pass the value. You can also update the msg value(optional)

pd.update(progress value);

Completed Type

  • Use this to update the dialog when the process is finished. If it is Empty, progress automatically closes.
 completed: Completed(), // To use with default values
 completed: Completed(completedMsg: "Downloading Done !", completedImage: AssetImage("assets/completed.png"), closedDelay: 2500)

Other Properties

Dialog closes automatically when its progress status equals the max value. Use this method if you want to turn it close manually.


Returns whether the dialog box is open.


Example Use With Dio

var dio = new Dio();
ProgressDialog pd = ProgressDialog(context: context); 100, msg: 'File Downloading...');
  'your download_url',
  'your path',
  onReceiveProgress: (rec, total) {
    int progress = (((rec / total) * 100).toInt());
    pd.update(value: progress);