A Fast & Light SMTP Mail Sender, with authentication support.


🚀 import package

import 'package:smtpman/port.dart';
import 'package:smtpman/secure.dart';
import 'package:smtpman/smtpman.dart';

🚀 methods


First create a connection with your SMTP server, using SetServer() method

    host: "smtp.rohitchouhan.com",
    username: "hello@crohitchouhan.com",
    password: "<<password>>",
    authentication: true,
    port: Port.to_587,
    secure: Secure.starttls,
property desc ex
host Your SMTP Server Host Name smtp.rohitchouhan.com
username Your Email Address flutter@rohitchouhan.com
password Your Email Password XXXXXXXXX
authentication To etablish your auth with smtp true / false
port Your SMTP Port Port.to_25, Port.to_587,Port.to_465, or custom: 25, 465,587
secure Your SMTP Secure Secure.starttls,Secure.ssl,Secure.auto, or custom: tls,ssl


then create receipt() method to add name, body, subject and all.

    senderName: "Rohit Team",
    sendToEmail: "itsrohitofficial@gmail.com",
    subject: "How are you....",
    body: "Hey, <b>Bro</b>",
    html: true,
property desc
senderName Name of Sender
sendToEmail Email Address where to send mail
subject Subject of mail
body Body of mail
html To enable html body use true,else false


send method will return true if mail has send, else false.

if (await smtpman.send() == true) {
    debugPrint("Email has been sent!");
} else {
    debugPrint("Faild to send, please check smtp credential.");

How its working?

Note: For those of you wondering, this package is not using any official library of Flutter. Email is sending from the third-party api using famous http package.

When you call the function from the app, its call the smtpman third-party api to the our server, then our server reads your email and sends it as a string.

The third-party api reads the string and uses it to send an email message on its own servers. Once it has done so (which could take several seconds or minutes), it sends an email back to our server with the subject and body of your message included in the body of the email.

Developed by Rohit Chouhan ❤️