Request user's phone number (supports dual sim) and/or consent to read SMS without adding any permissions, using Android's SMS User Consent API


Steps to use

1] Create an instance, optionally supply phone number listener and sms listener

SmsUserConsent smsUserConsent = SmsUserConsent(
        // optionally, do something when user selects a number.
        // You can even add/update this listener later on by simply 
        // calling smsUserConsent.updatePhoneNumberListener(updatedListener)
        phoneNumberListener: () {},
        // optionally, do something when user receives sms.
        // You can even add/update this listener later on by simply 
        // calling smsUserConsent.updateSmsListener(updatedListener)
        smsListener: () {}

2a] OPTIONAL : Request user's phone number


Once the user selects a phone number, it can be accessed as


2b] OPTIONAL : Request to receive SMS


or you can specify the phone number you wish to capture the SMS from

smsUserConsent.requestSms(senderPhoneNumber: sender_number);

Once the user receives a SMS and the user taps Allow, it can be accessed as


3] Finally, dispose the instance



As per the SMS User Consent API, message will be received by the plugin only if it meets these criteria:

  • The message contains a 4-10 character alphanumeric string with at least one number.
  • The message was sent by a phone number that's not in the user's contacts.
  • If you specified the sender's phone number, the message was sent by that number.


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