Smart Forms

The idea behind this package is a easy way to build and validate a form with especific field types.


Field Types

You have an ENUM which contains the available field types (I will add more progressively). The supported types are:

  • Text
  • Multiline
  • Number
  • Phone
  • E-Mail
  • URL

Input Actions

You can handle the action to show on the key enter of the keyboard for each field. By now are supported only 3 actions:

  • Next
  • Done
  • Auto (If you use this the plugin will decide considering if this is the last field or not);


In this plugin you can add two buttons that only require the label to show and will be rendered.

  • Submit Button
  • Reset Button

How it works

You need to generate to types of entitys.

  1. Field Model

    This one contains all the parameters and settings that are available (by now) for the fields of the form. These are:

    • label: String (mandatory)
    • type (Use the enum Types)
    • errorMessage: String
    • required: boolean
    • actions (Use the enum Actions)
    • hint: String
    • validate: boolean
    • maxLength: int
    • password: boolean
    • readOnly: boolean
  2. Form Model

    This is the base of the plugin and contain just a little variables:

    • name: String (mandatory)
    • submitButton: String (mandatory)
    • resetButton: String
    • fields: List of entitys of Field Model

Return Statement

At the submit of the form you will get a return like this:

    "form": "<name of the form submitted>",
    "values": {
        "<field label>": "<value obtained>"