Slugid - Compressed UUIDv4

A slugid is a URL-safe base64 encoded UUID version 4 stripped of == padding bringing the total size to 22 characters.

Disclaimer: This is not an officially supported Google product.

Examples of slugids:

  • U_sWAEJnR4epXu-TK0FCYA
  • -8prq-8rTGqKl2W9SSfyDQ
  • ti8C-AKGQsq3rDjSuXe94w
  • Fum-zBhASyO50rg3mtQcD

There are two variants of slugids:

  • The Slugid.v4() variant, which is a random UUID v4.
  • The Slugid.nice() variant, which is a random UUID v4 selected such that the slugid encoding doesn't start with -.

The nice variant is nicer to use in commandline utilities, but it comes at a slight cost in entropy. For more details refer to the original implementation in javascript.

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This library contains the Slugid class for working slugids.