A Flutter side bar slider can be with any widget you want



  • The SlidableBar can have four positions: top, bottom, right and left.
  • Customizable clicker, you can change the clicker widget with what you want.
  • Just like Flutter's Drawer, but with new way.

Things to note

  • The SlidableBar should have specific width and height, it works fine with scaffold's body.
  • The SlidableBar doesn't create it's own context, so it will appear under floating action button if you add one.


    final SlidableBarController controller = SlidableBarController(initialStatus: true);
        size: 50, // this will be bar's height in case Side is bottom or top and width in case Side is left or right 
        children: <Widget>[], // here is the widgets inside the bar
        child: Container(), // here is your widget that will be under the bar 
        // optional
        frontColor:, // the color of the cycle inside the default clicker
        slidableController: controller, // the contoller to change and listen to the bar status
        barRadius: const BorderRadius.circular(10.0), // the contoller to change and listen to the bar status
        side: Side.bottom, // Side.right is the default
        clickerPosition: 1.0, // the position of the clicker, 0.0 is the default
        clickerSize: 60, // the sizer of the default clicker, 55 is the default
        onChange: (int index){
            print(index); // this will print the index of the widget you clicked inside the bar
        duration: Duration(milliseconds: 500), // the duration of the animation, (300 mil) is the default
        isOpenFirst: true, // the initial state of the bar, false is default
        backgroundColor:, // primary color is default
        curve: Curves.ease, // the animation curve, linear is defualt
        clicker: Icon(Icons.arrow_forward_ios), // this will build instead of the default clicker

Getting started

In the pubspec.yaml of your flutter project, add the following dependency:

  slidable_bar: "^1.1.0"

Then run $ flutter pub get. In your library, add the following import:

import 'package:slidable_bar/slidable_bar.dart';

Preview Images (The positions)

right left

top bottom

Custom Clicker



Mahmoud Haj Ali - GitHub