Slices is a minimalist state manegement, focused specifically for applications that needs a global state where different "pieces" of the application watches for change on the same state source.

It is somehow inspired by Redux and relies a lot on immutability and equatability.


This package has a very simple and somehow "naive" implementation of a state manegement, it is a simple code that was born inside Fire Atlas Editor and since it worked quite nice for that type of application, the author extracted it to a package to be used on future applications that will have similar needs.

So keep that in mind if you decide to use this package. Good alternatives for this would be

  • Fountain: Has a similar idea to this package, but more mature
  • Flutter Bloc: A very mature and popular state manegement solution in Flutter

How to use

Better docs may be available in the future. For now, to see how to use this, check the example.