Why "another component library"?

The focus of this library is to provide a common "DSL" for write UI cross platform. Doesn't matter if the platform it's mobile or web. You will think in UI based in "Text" (<Text>) and "Boxes" (<Box>) and write the styles with breakpoints based in the web CSS key value conventions.

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⚠️ Until version 2.0 we will have breaking changes while structuring the API.

Get Started


  • This is the main demo that we are working on, an project with React for Web and Flutter for mobile development.


  • The project is not well structured for contributions right now, if you find a bug, please open an issue and let's discuss how to implement it 😋.

Dev mode

React (Web)

  • Use the folder examples/demo_base that simulates a real world project structure.
  • This setup has build:watch mode
# First terminal window
yarn install && yarn build:watch

# Second terminal window
yarn dev:demo_base

Flutter (Other platforms)

  • Open inside VSCode examples/demo_base/lib/main.dart, them run it through it.

How to use?

How to install?

  • flutter:
flutter pub add skynexui_components
  • yarn
yarn add @skynexui/components
  • npm
npm install @skynexui/components


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