Disk Size for Desktop

A simple package which displays disk size on Linux and Windows. Mac not supported, yet.


  • Available disk space.

  • Free disk space.

  • Disk capacity/size.

  • is_empty extension on io::Directory.

To get available disk space

import 'package:size/size.dart';
void main() async{
  await Size.init(); // Initialize plugin
  var x = Size();
  print(x.getAvailableDiskSpace('/home'));  // 800007566 -> int
  print(x.getFreeDiskSpace('/home'));  // 800002566 -> int
  print(x.getDiskCapacity('/home'));  // 4540002566 -> int
  print(await Directory.current.is_empty()); // false -> bool

Always use await Size.init(); to initialize package before trying any other method. This will download the required libs since they can't be bundled with this Package.

Note: On linux, if your home, root and any other directory are on different partitions, your partition size will be returned.

Additional information

Each get.. function returns an int which is actually the disk size in byte.

Difference between getFreeDiskSpace and getAvailableDiskSpace

According to AlexP on askubuntu

  • Free memory is the amount of memory which is currently not used for anything. This number should be small, because memory which is not used is simply wasted.
  • Available memory is the amount of memory which is available for allocation to a new process or to existing processes.

Building lib

If you what to build the lib.

cd size
mkdir build && cd build
cmake -S ..

Create an issue if you've any problem.