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Have you ever wanted a widget that facilitates the process of choosing an option among some available options? If yes, single_option_picker is the widget for you :)

Basic Usage

The widget is very simple to use. You need to pass the number of options, an option builder (that will build the options), a callback when an option is picked and you need to tell what is the selected option index.

    numberOfOptions: 3,
    optionBuilder: (index, isSelected) => Container(
        height: 80,
        child: Center(
            child: Icon(
                color: isSelected ? getIconColor(index) :,
    onChangeOption: (index) {
        setState(() {
            selectedIndex = index;
    selectedOptionIndex: selectedIndex,

The great is that the OptionBuilder makes you free to implement your options by yourself. You can implement Icons, Containers, etc.

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Suggestions & Bugs

For any suggestions or bug report please head to issue tracker.