Simple Url Handler

Do you want a normal web app without compromising the ease of use of Flutter? This package is here for you. You will be able to:

  • Update the url according to your app state
  • Have the forward and backward buttons working out of the box
  • Get a manually entered url to update your app state


Getting Started

Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

    simple_url_handle: ^0.0.1


Import the package with

import 'package:simple_url_handler/simple_url_handler.dart';

To use it, use the SimpleUrlHandler class:

    urlToAppState: (BuildContext context, RouteInformation routeInformation) {
        // This is called when a user enters a url or presses the forward/backward
        // button. You should update your app state according to the RouteInformation.
    appStateToUrl: () {
        // This is called when the url should be updated
        // You must return a RouteInformation
    child: YourAppWidget(),

Update the url according to your app state

If your app state changes and you need the url to update, just call
SimpleUrlNotifier.of(context).notify(); which will trigger a call to appStateToUrl.


Mixing navigator 2.0 and navigator 1.0 is not a good idea.

What this means is that, since MaterialApp uses navigator 1.0, you can't use MaterialApp. Instead, use the SimpleUrlHandler as you material app, since it takes the same arguments and creates a MaterialApp for your. This issue is being track in this issue.

This also means that you have to use navigator 2.0 to handle routing. If you think this is difficult check my medium article: Flutter Navigator 2.0 for mobile dev: 101
to see how simple it is.


This packages only handles the url, so it should be useless for platform other than the web. However this should be safe to use (although useless).

Medium articles

Two medium article explain how to make an app with this package: