A Simple Timer Widget that displays the timer progress with various customizable options.


To Start using this library include simple_timer as a dependency in your puspec.yaml file. Make sure to include the latest version.

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To use the widget, import the package in your project

import 'package:simple_timer/simple_timer.dart';

The timer can be controlled in two ways:

  • Using a TimerController (preferred) - The TimerController is a convenience wrapper (subclass) of an AnimationController and needs a TickerProvider, so be sure to extend a TickerProvider in your class. Declare and instantiate your timer controller like below:

      // declaration
      TimerController _timerController;
      // instantiation
      _timerController = TimerController(this);

    Note: Remember to dispose the TimerController

    and set the controller property to the TimerController object like below:

          child: SimpleTimer(
              controller: _timerController,
              duration: Duration(seconds: 10),

    TimerController methods:

    Method Description
    start Starts the timer e.g. (_timerController.start())
    pause Pauses the timer e.g. (_timerController.pause())
    reset Resets the timer e.g. (_timerController.reset())
    restart Restarts the timer e.g. (_timerController.restart())
    add Increases time left by the specified duration i.e. allows more time e.g. (_timerController.add(Duration(seconds: 10)))
    subtract Decreases time left by the specified duration i.e. reduces the time e.g. (_timerController.subtract(Duration(seconds: 10)))
  • Setting the Status - The timer can also be controler by passing a TimerStatus value to the status property; like below:

          child: SimpleTimer(
              status: TimerStatus.start,
              duration: Duration(seconds: 10),

    Note: The SimpleTimer widget uses its parent size.

Customizable Options

There are various customizable options provided by the SimpleTimer widget, see below:

Property Description Value Type Default Value
duration The duration of the timer Duration
controller A TimerController to control the timer. If this is provided then status must be null. TimerController
status An alternative to the controller that sets the status of the timer. If provided, controller must be null TimerStatus
timerStyle Sets the look of the animated timer widget TimerStyle ring
delay Sets a start delay for timer - i.e. delays the start of the timer by the specified duration Duration Duration(seconds: 0)
backgroundColor The background color of the inner shape (circle) of the timer Color grey
progressIndicatorColor The color of the animating progress indicator. Color green
progressIndicatorDirection The rotating direction of the timer's progress indicator TimerProgressIndicatorDirection clockwise
displayProgressIndicator Sets whether to show the progress indicator bool true
displayProgressText Sets whether to show the progress text bool true
progressTextStyle The TextStyle used by the progress text. TextStyle
progressTextCountDirection The counting direction of the text displayed by the timer TimerProgressTextCountDirection count_down
progressTextFormatter A callback function to format the text displayed by this Timer. String Function(Duration) displays duration in MM:SS format
onStart Callback executed when the timer starts counting VoidCallback
onEnd Callback executed when the timer has finished counting VoidCallback
valueListener The callback executed for each change in the time elapsed void Function(Duration)

Pub link:

Demo - Controlling the Timer Status


Demo - Customizable options