Simple Fontellico Progress Dialog ⌛

This package helps to render a progress dialog window with different types of loading indicator.

New Features 💥

  • Internal improvements.
  • Optional parameters on constructor.
  • Fixing bugs
  • Updating example


Include simple_fontellico_progress_dialog in your pubspec.yaml file:

    sdk: flutter
  simple_fontellico_progress_dialog: version

Demo Vertical Mode

Demo Horizontal Mode


To use this package, just import it into your file, create a new instance, pass the context as parameter(required).

import 'package:simple_fontellico_progress_dialog/simple_fontico_loading.dart';


SimpleFontelicoProgressDialog _dialog = SimpleFontelicoProgressDialog(context: context);

void showDialog() async{ 'Loading...', type: type);
  await Future.delayed(Duration(seconds: 1));



Name Description Required Default
context Buildcontext to render the dialog True
barrierDimisable Boolean value to indicate barrierDimisable on dialog True

To show a dialog, use the show method, to hide it, use the hide method. Simple like that.

Properties used on show method

Name Description Required Default
message String to set a message into the dialog True
type Simple dialog type (normal, threeline, multiline, refresh, hurricane, phoenix, iphone) False normal
width Double value to set the dialog width False 100
height Double value to set the dialog height False 120
elevation Double value to set the dialog elevation False 5.0
radius Double value to set the dialog border radius False 5.0
backgroundColor Color value to set the dialog background color False Colors.white
indicatorColor Color value to set the indicator color False Colors.blue600
duration Duration value to animate loading indicator False 1000 miliseconds
horizontal Boolean value to set if loading has to show on horizontal False false
separation Double value to set the separation between loading and text False 10.0
textStyle Style to customize the text inside dialog False TextStyle(fontSize: 14)
textAlign Alignment of the message False
hideText Boolean value to hide the text widget False false
loadingIndicator Widget to use when type is set on custom. False (Required when type is custom)

Properties used on updateMessageText method

Name Description Required Default
message String to update the message inside an opened dialgo True