Simple Database

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A simple lightweight wrapper for the SharedPreferences Flutter package. Simple Database provides an abstraction layer for storing objects instead of key, value pairs. This makes it very easy to get a quick local storage solution up and running.


Please feel free to contribute


Please add simple_database as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file

No Setup Primative Storage

You can easily setup a database of primitive types just by assigning it a name, Simple Database will init the DB if it has not been created yet on the phone for you.

void main() async {
    SimpleDatabase names = SimpleDatabase(name: 'names');

    await names.add('Bob');
    await names.add('Doug');

    for (var name in await names.getAll()) {

Non-Primitive object storage

You can store your own objects you have created easily just by implementing 2 functions in the class. toJson and fromJson. You will need to pass the fromJson function to the constructor of SimpleDatabase if you want it to rebuild the json into your object. You do not need this, it will just return a hash map with the values from your object if the function is not provided.

class SimpleClass {
  final int age;
  final String name;
  final double height;
  final bool gender;

  SimpleClass(this.age,, this.height, this.gender);

  //Implement fromJson - Required
  SimpleClass.fromJson(Map<String, dynamic> json) : age = json['age'], name = json['name'], height = json['height'], gender = json['gender'];

  //Implement toJson - Required
  Map<String, dynamic> toJson() => {
    'age': age,
    'name' : name,
    'height' : height,
    'gender' : gender,

void main() async {
    SimpleDatabase classDB = SimpleDatabase(name: 'class', fromJson: (fromJson) => SimpleClass.fromJson(fromJson));

    SimpleClass john = SimpleClass(18, 'John', 5.2, true);  

    await classDB.add(john);

    dynamic person = await classDB.getAt(0);


  • Built in encryption of stored json strings
  • Better documentation