Sidekick Vault

A place to store project secrets within a git repository, encrypted with GPG

Create the Vault

  1. Create a vault directory in your project

  2. Place a in vault

     # Vault
     This vault contains gpg encrypted passwords and certificates.
     To get the password to the vault ask one of the administrators.
     This password is available on CI as environment variable `FLT_VAULT_PASSPHRASE`
     ## Encrypt secrets
     <cli-name> vault encrypt file.csv
     ## Decrypt secrets
     <cli-name> vault decrypt file.csv.gpg
  3. Place a .gitignore in vault

     # Ignore everything in this folder which isn't gpg encrypted
     # Exceptions
  4. Register the VaultCommand in your sidekick CLI

    import 'package:sidekick_vault/sidekick_vault.dart';
    final vault = SidekickVault(
      environmentVariableName: 'FLG_VAULT_PASSPHRASE',
    final runner = FlgCommandRunner()
        // more commands
        ..addCommand(VaultCommand(vault: vault)); // <-- Add the VaultCommand

Manage vault with VaultCommand

Add file to vault

<cli-name> vault encrypt path/to/secret.csv
<cli-name> vault encrypt --passpharse="****" --vault-location="secret.txt.gpg" path/to/secret.txt

The passpharse is optional. It will be retrieved from the environment variables or asked via stdin.

The file will be saved at vault-location (optional) inside the vault directory. The filename (secret.txt) will be used as fallback.

Decrypt file in vault

<cli-name> vault encrypt secret.csv.gpg
<cli-name> vault decrypt --passpharse="****" --output="write/to/decrypted.txt" secret.txt.gpg';

The passpharse is optional. It will be retrieved from the environment variables or asked via stdin.

output is optional. The decrypted file will be saved in the vault next to the encrypted one (without .gpg ending).

Change vault password

<cli-name> vault change-password
<cli-name> vault change-password --old ***** --new *****

Use the old and new arguments to pass the old and new password. Without the arguments, you can enter the passwords via stdin.

Manually add/read items in vault via gpg

Add file to vault

gpg --symmetric --cipher-algo AES256 --batch --passphrase=$password <file>

Decrypt file from vault

gpg --quiet --batch --yes --decrypt --passphrase=$password --output=<file> <file.gpg>

Read secrets in code

Create a vault in your sidekick cli and read the password

import 'package:sidekick_core/sidekick_core.dart';
import 'package:sidekick_vault/sidekick_vault.dart';

void main() {
   final vault = SidekickVault(
      // environment variable where CIs can inject the vault password
      environmentVariableName: 'FLT_VAULT_PASSPHRASE',

   final secret = vault.loadText('secret.txt');

   // Use secret on your CI to do magic things