Dart package to manage remote sickchill instance, for Flutter support with UI widgets please check flutter_sickchill

Getting Started

Create an instance of SickChill, you can then use it in any data state management you want (bloc, provider, mobx...)

final sickChill = SickChill(
  baseUrl: '',
  apiKey: 'MyApiKey',//can be found on settings in web interface
  enableLogs: true,

By default baseUrl uses http://localhost:8081.

Once you have that you can simply interact with sickchill's data.

Simple examples

Getting shows

final shows = await sickChill.getShows();

Getting show details

final show = await sickChill.getShowDetails(;

Searching and adding a show

final results = await sickChill.searchShow('Friends')
await sickChill.addShow(indexerId:;

Remove show

await transmission.removeShow(, removeFiles: true);

Basic show actions

With the show id you can use the methods getSeasons, pauseShow, refreshShowFromDisk and forceFullUpdateShow