shurjoPay flutter package

This is the official shurjoPay flutter package for merchants or service providers to integrate our payment system with their Flutter applications. For now, it only supports Android and iOS.

shurjoPay flutter package makes the payment system easier for you with just two method calls:

  • makePayment()
  • verifyPayment()

And that's all! To know more about its usage please check the details below.

Adding a package dependency to an app

  1. Open the pubspec.yaml file located inside the app folder and add shurjopay: ^2.0.5 under dependencies.
  2. Run command flutter pub get to pull and download dependencies.


  • First, you must initialize shurjoPay before using it by calling initializeShurjopay() and passing the environment type as a parameter.


    void main() {
      initializeShurjopay(environment: "sandbox");
      runApp(const  MyApp());
  • After that, you can start using our package the way you want based on your application. Here we are providing a basic example code snip for you.


    //Create a shurjoPay object.
    ShurjoPay shurjoPay = ShurjoPay();
    //Create payment request model and initialize values.
    ShurjopayRequestModel shurjopayRequestModel = ShurjopayRequestModel(
      // Create ShurjopayConfigs object somewhere and set values in it, so that you can pass it here.
      configs: shurjopayConfigs,
      currency: "BDT",
      amount: 1000,
      //Remember to use prefix before order id. Ex: if prefix is 'test' then order id should be test123456
      orderID: "sp1ab2c3d4",
      discountAmount: 0,
      discountPercentage: 0,
      customerName: "Shajedul Islam",
      customerPhoneNumber: "01628734916",
      customerAddress: "customer address",
      customerCity: "customer city",
      customerPostcode: "1212",
      returnURL: "return_url",
      cancelURL: "cancel_url",
    //Create a payment response model object to store the makePayment() method results.
    ShurjopayResponseModel shurjopayResponseModel = ShurjopayResponseModel();
    //Calling makePayment() method to initiate payment process.
    shurjopayResponseModel = await shurjoPay.makePayment(
      context: context,
      shurjopayRequestModel: shurjopayRequestModel,
    //Create a verification response model object to store the verifyPayment() method results
    ShurjopayVerificationModel shurjopayVerificationModel = ShurjopayVerificationModel();
    //If the status is true from makePayment() method result then, verify the payment by calling verifyPayment() method whenever you want.
    if (shurjopayResponseModel.status == true) {
      try {
        shurjopayVerificationModel = await shurjoPay.verifyPayment(
          orderID: shurjopayResponseModel.shurjopayOrderID!,
        if (shurjopayVerificationModel.spCode == "1000") {
          print("Payment Varified");
      } catch (error) {

That's all! Now you are ready to use our shurjoPay flutter package to make your payment system easy and smooth.


This code is under the MIT open source License.

Please contact with shurjoPay team for more detail.

Copyright ©️2023 ShurjoMukhi Limited.