Shrimp Country Code

A flutter package for showing a country code selector.


To use this plugin, add shrimp_country_code as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml.

Just put the component in your application setting the onChanged callback.

    modalTitle: 'Countries',
    initialCountry: 'LY',
    showFlags: false,
    searchFieldHint: 'Search by country name',
    onChanged: (CountryInfo country) {
    if (kDebugMode) {


Name Type Description
onChange ValueChanged callback invoked when the selection changes
modalTitle String Modal title
inputDecoration InputDecoration Search text box decoration

Support the Library

You can support the library by staring it on Github && liking it on pub or report any bugs you encounter. also, if you have a suggestion or think something can be implemented in a better way, open an issue and let's talk about it.