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Shelf Router Generator

Shelf makes it easy to build web applications in Dart by composing request handlers. The shelf_router package offers a request router for Shelf. this package enables generating a shelf_route.Router from annotations in code.

This package should be a development dependency along with package build_runner, and used with package shelf and package shelf_router as dependencies.

  shelf: ^0.7.5
  shelf_router: ^0.7.0+1
  shelf_router_generator: ^0.7.0+1
  build_runner: ^1.3.1

Once your code have been annotated as illustrated in the example below the generated part can be created with pub run build_runner build.


import 'package:shelf/shelf.dart';
import 'package:shelf_router/shelf_router.dart';

part 'userservice.g.dart'; // generated with 'pub run build_runner build'

class UserService {
  final DatabaseConnection connection;

  Future<Response> listUsers(Request request) async {
    return Response.ok('["user1"]');

  Future<Response> fetchUser(Request request, String userId) async {
    if (userId == 'user1') {
      return Response.ok('user1');
    return Response.notFound('no such user');

  // Create router using the generate function defined in 'userservice.g.dart'.
  Router get router => _$UserServiceRouter(this);

void main() async {
  // You can setup context, database connections, cache connections, email
  // services, before you create an instance of your service.
  var connection = await DatabaseConnection.connect('localhost:1234');

  // Create an instance of your service, usine one of the constructors you've
  // defined.
  var service = UserService(connection);
  // Service request using the router, note the router can also be mounted.
  var router = service.router;
  var server = await io.serve(router.handler, 'localhost', 8080);


This library provides a Builder for generating functions that can create a shelf_router.Router based on annotated members.