serve function

Future<HttpServer> serve (
  1. Handler handler,
  2. dynamic address,
  3. int port,
  4. {SecurityContext securityContext,
  5. int backlog,
  6. bool shared: false}

Starts an HttpServer that listens on the specified address and port and sends requests to handler.

If a securityContext is provided an HTTPS server will be started. / See the documentation for HttpServer.bind and HttpServer.bindSecure for more details on address, port, backlog, and shared.


Future<HttpServer> serve(Handler handler, address, int port,
    {SecurityContext securityContext, int backlog, bool shared = false}) async {
  backlog ??= 0;
  var server = await (securityContext == null
      ? HttpServer.bind(address, port, backlog: backlog, shared: shared)
      : HttpServer.bindSecure(address, port, securityContext,
          backlog: backlog, shared: shared));
  serveRequests(server, handler);
  return server;