pub package

The Tizen implementation of share_plus.


To use this plugin, add share_plus and share_plus_tizen as dependencies in your pubspec.yaml file.

  share_plus: ^3.0.5
  share_plus_tizen: ^1.1.1

Then you can import share_plus in your Dart code.

import 'package:share_plus/share_plus.dart';

Share.share('check out my website');

For detailed usage, see

Supported devices

  • Galaxy Watch series (running Tizen 4.0 or later)

You can send only SMS messages using this plugin. You can't use this plugin on TV devices because no SMS or e-mail app is available on them.

Supported APIs

  • x Share.share (no optional argument supported)
  • Share.shareFiles (no e-mail app available)

Required privileges

To use this plugin, you need to declare privileges in tizen-manifest.xml of your application.