This is a package that contains many components that developers typically need to build an app. These components ranges from methods and widgets. Here is a comprehensive.


  • Badge

    This is used to create a Badge
     Badge(child: Icon(Icons.bell, badge: Text("10+"), badgeColor:
  • ContainerButton

    This it used to create a component that has a that is entirely clickable with an Icon on at the end.
    ContainerButton(body: Text("Click"), action: IconButton(icon: Icon(Icons.add)))
  • PostCard

    This is a Widget this is used to create a Card that can be used to Posts
     PostCard(title: Text("Seth's Post"), action: IconButton(icon: Icon(Icons.more_vert)), content:Text("Seth is awesome"), avatar: CircleAvatar(backgroundImage: NetworkImage(""),),actions:[IconButton(icon:Icons.thumb_up), IconButton(icon:Icons.comment)])
  • This is used to create beautiful Carousels
    Carousel(onTap: (){},aspectRatio: 16/8,items:[Image.asset("assest/images/img.png"),Image.asset("assest/images/img1.png", Image.asset("assest/images/img2.png"], )
  • MaterialRadio

    This is used to create a Radio button.
    MaterialRadio(color:, onChange: (){})
  • CountDown

    This is used to create count downs in seconds
    CountDown(duration: 60)
  • This is used to create a Button that has a leading and trailing Icon
    MenuButton(header: Text("Scan QR Code"), description:Text("Use this to Scan QRCodes", route:QRCodePage(),Icons.qrcode))
  • CustomTextField

    This is used to easily create TextFields
     CustomTextField(label: Text("Name"),hint: "First name", border: OutlineInputBorder())


These are the functions that provides functionalities that can to used throughout an app. Here is the list of the functions.

  • width(context)
  • height(context)
  • canvasColor(context)
  • cardColor(context)
  • push(context, HomePage())
  • pushReplacement(context, ProductPage())
  • pop(context)
  • showSnackBar(context, "Hey there")
  • openDialog(context,Text("Delete") Text("Are you sure you want to deleted?"),actions:ElevatedButton(child: Text("Yes"),),ElevatedButton(child: Text("No"),))
  • closeDialog(context)
  • postRequest(context, "",jsonEncode({"data":"Hello"}))
  • getRequest(context,"")
  • removeSnackbar(context)
  • generateColor("text", "#ffe")
  • convertGradient("gradient(from:#ffe",to:#efe))


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