findShaderIds method Null safety

Future<FindShaderIdsResponse> findShaderIds(
  1. {String? term,
  2. Set<String>? filters,
  3. Sort? sort,
  4. int? from,
  5. int? num}

Returns a filtered FindShaderIdsResponse with a list of shader ids.

  • term: Shaders that have term in the name or in description
  • filters: A set of tag filters
  • sort: The sort order of the shaders
  • from: A 0 based index for results returned
  • num: The total number of results

Upon success a list of shader ids is provided as well as the overall number of records in total (not the number of shader ids in the list, the number of total results). The error is set to null

In case of error a ResponseError is set and no shader id list is provided


Future<FindShaderIdsResponse> findShaderIds(
    {String? term, Set<String>? filters, Sort? sort, int? from, int? num});