SembastStoreRefExtension<K, V> extension Null safety

Store ref public sembast extension.

Provides access helper to data on the store using a given DatabaseClient.



add(DatabaseClient databaseClient, V value) Future<K>
Add a record, returns its generated key.
addAll(DatabaseClient databaseClient, List<V> values) Future<List<K>>
Add multiple records, returns the list of generated keys.
count(DatabaseClient databaseClient, {Filter? filter}) Future<int>
count records.
delete(DatabaseClient databaseClient, {Finder? finder}) Future<int>
Delete records matching a given finder. [...]
drop(DatabaseClient databaseClient) Future
Delete the store and its content
find(DatabaseClient databaseClient, {Finder? finder}) Future<List<RecordSnapshot<K, V>>>
Find multiple records. [...]
findFirst(DatabaseClient databaseClient, {Finder? finder}) Future<RecordSnapshot<K, V>?>
Find a single record. [...]
findKey(DatabaseClient databaseClient, {Finder? finder}) Future<K?>
Find one key. [...]
findKeys(DatabaseClient databaseClient, {Finder? finder}) Future<List<K>>
Find multiple keys. [...]
query({Finder? finder}) QueryRef<K, V>
Create a query with a finder.
stream(DatabaseClient databaseClient, {Filter? filter}) Stream<RecordSnapshot<K, V>>
Unsorted record stream
update(DatabaseClient databaseClient, V value, {Finder? finder}) Future<int>
Update records matching a given finder. [...]