SembastRecordsRefExtension<K, V> extension Null safety

Record ref sembast public extension.

Provides access helper to data on the store using a given DatabaseClient.



add(DatabaseClient databaseClient, List<V> values) Future<List<K?>>
Create records that don't exist. [...]
delete(DatabaseClient databaseClient) Future
Delete records
get(DatabaseClient client) Future<List<V?>>
Get all records values.
getSnapshots(DatabaseClient databaseClient) Future<List<RecordSnapshot<K, V>?>>
Get all records snapshot.
put(DatabaseClient databaseClient, List<V> values, {bool? merge}) Future<List<V>>
Save multiple records, creating the one needed. [...]
update(DatabaseClient databaseClient, List<V> values) Future<List<V?>>
Update multiple records. [...]