ScrollableReordableNavbar for Flutter

A flutter plugin for create bottom nav bar that can be scrolled when there are than 5 nav items to display. It also let user swipe items position and item can be deleted from the navbar.


In your pubspec.yaml

  scrollable_reorderable_navbar: ^0.0.1
import 'package:scrollable_reorderable_navbar/scrollable_reorderable_navbar.dart';

Basic Usage:

      onItemTap: (arg) {
        setState(() {
          _selectedIndex = arg;
      onReorder: (oldIndex, newIndex) {
        final currItem = _items[_selectedIndex];
        if (oldIndex < newIndex) newIndex -= 1;
          final newItems = [..._items], item = newItems.removeAt(oldIndex);
          newItems.insert(newIndex, item);
        setState(() {
          _items = newItems;
          _selectedIndex = _items.indexOf(currItem);
    items: _items,
    selectedIndex: _selectedIndex,
    onDelete: (index) => setState(() => _items.removeAt(index)),
    deleteIndicationWidget: Container(
      padding: const EdgeInsets.only(bottom: 100),
      child: Align(
        alignment: Alignment.bottomCenter,
        child: Wrap(
          direction: Axis.vertical,
          children: [
            Text("Tap on nav item to delete it.",
              style: Theme.of(context).textTheme.bodyText1,
            TextButton(onPressed: () {}, child: const Text("DONE"))

Custom usage

There are options that let you custom the navbar:\

Properties Description
List<NavBarItem> items Items composing the navbar, every items should have different names
int selectedIndex The index of the selected NavBarItem
ValueChanged<int> onItemTap Which behaviour should have after the user tap on a NavBarItem
ReorderCallback onReorder Which behaviour should have after user swap 2 NavBarItem
Widget deleteIndicationWidget The Widget displayed on top of the delete overlay to show user that he can tap on NavBarItem to delete them
ValueChanged<int> onDelete Which behaviour should have after user delete a NavBarItem
ReorderItemProxyDecorator? proxyDecorator How the widget should look like on a reorder operation
Color backgroundColor Background color of the navbar
Duration duration Duration of the animations
BoxDecoration? decoration Decoration of the entire navbar. You should use either backgroundColor or this one

Additional information

Don't hesitate to suggest any features or fix that will improve the package!