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SciDart Plot is a data visualization library compatible with SciDart. This library is part of SciDart project.

🏹 Goals

Generate and save plot in SVG format.

🏃 Motivation

Make easy the data visualization for SciDart.

Link to the Pub repository:

🔌 Installation

You can follow instruction in the Pub web site:

⚒ Examples

The examples can be found in the project web site.

📈 Plot format generations

  • svg;

🛣 Project milestones

All the project status will be shared and updated in the Projects section of Github.

🙌 How to contribute

I recommend check the Projects section and choose a task or choose and solve a problem with SciDart and implement the missing parts and read the file

The reference values for all functions came from with SciPy. The contributions need use SciPy as reference too.

Every contribution need to have tests, documentation and examples, otherwise, the pull request will be blocked.

☕ Supporters

Scidart is an open source project that runs on donations to pay the bills e.g. our domain name. If you want to support Scidart, you can ☕ buy a coffee here.

⚠ License

Copyright (c) 2019-present Angelo Polotto and Contributors. Scidart is free and open-source software licensed under the Apache-2.0 License. The official logo was created by Juliano Polotto and distributed under Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA 4.0 International).

Third-party library licenses