This is an unofficial FlutterPlugin to connect flutter code with a Scanning_Gun from Hopeland

This is an unofficial FlutterPlugin Scanning_Gun, in this first version, you my connect your flutter app with a Scanning Gun from Hopeland Company.


  • Scan the Qr code or Barcode adding the function to a button o the screen.
  • Scan the Qr code or Barcode by clicking the button on the Scanner Gun.

Easy use

  • First declare the class and instantiate.
ScannerGun scannerGun = ScannerGun();
  • Then initialize the scannerGun.
  void initState(){
    setState(() {
  • And finally call the scan function to get the Scanner response.
  print("Here is the Scanner Response $value");


  • The example was tested on the Hopeland HY820 Image 1
  • Run the example and click on the Scan TextButton Image 2
  • You will get the response a few moments later Image 3


Install the dependencies.

flutter pub add scanning_gun

The library was completely made with dart and is still under development, hope this library can help you the same way is helping me. Here is the link to Github - Project example.