ScaledSizeExtension extension



br double
Border radius for rounded corners ScaledSizeUtil.radius
no setter
mv double
Max ViewPort value of the device ScaledSizeUtil.maxViewPort
no setter
rem double
Font size using rem(default font size is 16) ScaledSizeUtil.rem
no setter
rfs double
Responsive font size ScaledSizeUtil.scaledFontSize
no setter
rh double
Responsive height(scaled height by 640) ScaledSizeUtil.height
no setter
rw double
Responsive width(scale widht by 360) ScaledSizeUtil.width
no setter
vh double
Height referenced from device's height ScaledSizeUtil.viewHeight
no setter
vw double
Width referenced from device's width ScaledSizeUtil.viewWidth
no setter