Flutter Sberbank Acquiring SDK

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Acquiring SDK allows you to integrate Sberbank Internet Acquiring into mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms.

Available API Documentation.

SDK Features

  • Making payments (including recurring payments);
  • Making payments via Apple Pay or Google Pay (including recurring payments);
  • Related payments;
  • Integration with online checkouts;


Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

  sberbank_acquiring: <lastles>

Before usage

To get started with the SDK, you'll need:

  • userName - The login of the vendor's service account;
  • password - Password of the vendor account;
  • token – The value that is used to authenticate the merchant when sending requests to the payment gateway. You do not need to pass the userName and password parameters when passing this parameter. To obtain a public key, contact technical support.

These values are issued in your personal account after connecting to Sberbank Internet Acquiring.

SDK allows you to configure operating mode (debug / prod), by default - debug. The SDK also allows you to configure request proxying, by default all requests go to Sberbank servers.

To configure the operation mode, set the following parameters:

final SberbankAcquiring acquiring = SberbankAcquiring(
    userName: userName,
    password: password,
    isDebugMode: false,

If you want to use token, use the following constructor:

final SberbankAcquiring acquiring = SberbankAcquiring(
    token: token,
    isDebugMode: false,

If you want to use a proxy, use the following constructor:

final SberbankAcquiring acquiring = SberbankAcquiring(
    proxyDomain: 'server.com',
    proxyPath: 'api/v1/',
    globalHeaders: <String, String>{'auth': 'test'},
    mapping: (AcquiringRequest request, bool isDebugMode) {
      if(request is RegisterRequest) return ProxyMapping(path: '/register');


The Example is in the corresponding folder