transforms library


degreesLat(dynamic radians) double
degreesLong(dynamic radians) double
degreesToRadians(dynamic degrees) double
ecfToEci(Map<String, dynamic> ecf, dynamic gmst) Map<String, dynamic>
ecfToLookAngles(dynamic observerGeodetic, dynamic satelliteEcf) Map<String, dynamic>
eciToEcf(Map<String, dynamic> eci, dynamic gmst) Map<String, dynamic>
eciToGeodetic(Map<String, dynamic> eci, dynamic gmst) Map<String, dynamic>
geodeticToEcf(Map<String, dynamic> geodetic) Map<String, dynamic>
radiansLat(dynamic degrees) double
radiansLong(dynamic degrees) double
radiansToDegrees(dynamic radians) double
topocentric(Map<String, dynamic> observerGeodetic, Map<String, dynamic> satelliteEcf) Map<String, dynamic>
topocentricToLookAngles(Map<String, dynamic> tc) Map<String, dynamic>
@param {Object} tc @param {Number} tc.topS Positive horizontal vector S due south. @param {Number} tc.topE Positive horizontal vector E due east. @param {Number} tc.topZ Vector Z normal to the surface of the earth (up). @returns {Object}