This package exposes additional APIs for working with Dart Sass, including access to the Sass AST and its load resolution logic.

This is split out into a separate package because so that it can be versioned separately. The sass_api package's API is expected to evolve more quickly than the Sass language itself, and will likely have more breaking changes as the internals evolve to suit the needs of the Sass compiler.

Depending on Development Versions

Sometimes it's necessary to depend on a version of a package that hasn't been released yet. Because this package directly re-exports names from the main sass package, you'll need to make sure you have a Git dependency on both it and the sass package:

      url: git://
      ref: main # Replace this with a feature branch if necessary
      url: git://
      ref: main # Make sure this is the same as above!
      path: pkg/sass_api


We strongly recommend importing this library with the prefix sass.