convertToMatch method Null safety

SassNumber convertToMatch(
  1. SassNumber other,
  2. [String? name,
  3. String? otherName]

Returns a copy of this number, converted to the same units as other.

Note that convertValueToMatch is generally more efficient if the value is going to be accessed directly.

Throws a SassScriptException if this number's units aren't compatible with other's units, or if either number is unitless but the other is not.

If this came from a function argument, name is the argument name (without the $) and otherName is the argument name for other. These are used for error reporting.


SassNumber convertToMatch(SassNumber other,
        [String? name, String? otherName]) =>
    SassNumber.withUnits(convertValueToMatch(other, name, otherName),
        numeratorUnits: other.numeratorUnits,
        denominatorUnits: other.denominatorUnits);