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Flutter library for @QBitArtifact's Superadmin. It handles Auth and some other stuff for you.

NOTICE: Library under development, use at own risk

Getting Started

Add dependency to pubspec.yaml:

  sa_flutter: <latest_version>


Sign in to SuperAdmin, and get a token:

  1. Instantiate SaAuthService with proper config
final auth = SaAuthService(
    realm: '<your_realm>',
  1. Now we can use the service:
var tokenData = await auth.signIn('username', 'password');
var payload = SaAuthService.decodeToken(tokenData['token']);
  1. Now we can use this token to authenticate against SuperAdmin itself or other APIs that integrate SA.

Header will have this format:

'Authorization': 'Bearer <token>'

Using Management Services

To be able to use management service, we recomend creating a factory that returns the configured service.

Creating instances

import 'package:sa_flutter/sa_flutter.dart';

class TokenGetter implements WithTokenGetter {
  Future<String> getToken() {
    return <token>;
final tokenGetter = new TokenGetter();

class ServiceFactory {
  factory accountsService() {
    return new SaAccountsService(tokenGetter, '');

  factory applicationsService() {
    return new SaApplicationsService(tokenGetter, '');

You should only create factories for services you will need.